Frequently Asked Questions | Tutucars | On-Demand E-Hailing Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Drivers

1. General

  1. How does TutuCars charge for every trip?
    We do not charge any fee during our Flat Rate Bonus Campaign. After the campaign, a maximum of RM10 Flat Rate will be charged per day, which is necessary for operation of the support service and further development of the app.
  2. How does TutuCars pay incentives/reward/bonus to TutuMate?
    Incentives/Rewards/Bonus will be credited into TutuMate’s wallet after the campaign period.
  3. Are toll fees included in the fare?
    No. TutuMate need to inform and collect from rider separately.
    Toll fees for Penang ↔ Mainland is RM9.
  4. Can I register more than one vehicle? 
    No. But you may request to switch your vehicle through 
  5. Can I register more than one phone number?
  6. I am still a “P” license holder. Can I drive for TutuCars?
    No, you must be at least 21 years old and without holding any “P” license.
  7. Can the same vehicle be registered to multiple partners? 
    Yes, as long as you and your partners’ names are on the insurance.

2. License & Legal Inquiries

  1. I am a new driver. How to apply PSV license?
    • Get healthcare report from any health clinic; fee around RM20.00 – RM30.00.
    • Fill up and submit PSV Form together with your health report to your preferred driving school; fee around RM150.00 – RM200.00.
    • Fulfill a 6 hours training course at driving school.
    • Take 1 hour written exam with 60 questions; TutuMate need to answer 48 out of 60 questions correctly in order to pass.
    • Visit JPJ to apply for change to E-hailing roadtax; fee around RM10.00.
    • Update E-hailing insurance (driver, passengers & third party); fee depends on individual insurance company.
  2. Do I need to do PUSPAKOM test in order to drive?
    For vehicle more than 3 years old, take your registered vehicle to PUSPAKOM for inspection; fee around RM55.00 – RM70.00.

3. Account and Setup

  1. I am interested to be TutuCars’s driver. How to join as TutuMate?
    Please go to Google Play Store/ iOS App Store to download <TutuMate> app and upload all necessary documents in the app.
  2. What documents needed to join?
    • I.C
    • D Class Driving License
    • Car Grant
    • E-hailing Insurance (any insurance company)
    • Vehicle Photos (Front & Back)
    • PSV license
    • PUSPAKOM Inspection Result (if any)
  3. I already sign up for daily insurance with another platform. Can I use it with TutuCars? 
    No. You need to add on e-hailing insurance to drive with us. Kindly contact your insurance agent.
  4. My PSV license is still in process. Can I drive with TutuCars without physical license?
    Yes, if the license has been approved, please print out the status of the license and keep a screenshot of it for checking purposes.
  5. How do I update my bank account details?
    You can update your bank account details by emailing to TutuCars customer support at
  6. How do I change phone number & update driving license?
    Please send your request to
  7. How do I change vehicle?
    Please send your request to by providing new car grant, e-hailing insurance & car photos (front & back).

4. Top-up and Payment

  1. My application has been approved. How to top up my credit wallet?
    Once your application has been approved, please check your email or you can just go to Givado app or to purchase our reload card.
  2. How to cash out?
    Go to your Credit Wallet – Transfer to Account – Key in Amount (without cents) – Submit – Go to your Cash Wallet – Cash Out – Key in Amount (without cents) – Submit.
  3. How to transfer from cash wallet to credit wallet?
    Go to your Cash Wallet – Transfer to Account – Key in Amount – Submit.
  4. How long is the processing time for cash out request?
    Cash out will be processed on weekly basis. Cut-off on every Wednesday. It will take 2 – 3 working days to transfer into your bank account.

5. eVP

  1. How to apply eVP for my vehicle?
    We will apply eVP for you once your application has been approved.
  2. My registered car is owned by someone else. Can I apply for eVP?
  3. Will it affect when I’m renewing my road tax?No. But, if you face any issue with JPJ on renewing your road tax, please contact our customer support.
  4. When will I get my eVP?We will email your eVP to you once your eVP has been approved. Please remember to print out your eVP and keep ONE (1) hard copy in your vehicle.
  5. What is the process if I want to change my registered vehicle?
    Please send us your new car grant, e-hailing insurance & car photos (front & back) at and we will apply to change your eVP for you.
  6. I want to sell my registered vehicle. What should I do?
    Please send us your new car grant, e-hailing insurance & car photos (front & back) at We will issue a letter of cancellation of your eVP to you within 2 working days.

6. Trip Issue

  1. Rider forgotten to rate me after the trip, will it affect my ratings?
    No, but please politely remind your rider to rate you.
  2. Rider didn’t pay me the exact amount. What should I do?
    Please contact our customer support at 018-395 8221.
  3. I’m unable to on-board my Rider.
    Please screenshot the trip details and cancel the trip then send the screenshot to our customer support via email.
  4. Rider using promo code for my trip. When will I get the promo reimbursement?
    Promo will be reimbursed automatically into your cash wallet once you complete the trip.

7. App Issue

  1. I’m facing app issue. How/Where to report?
    Please contact our customer support at 018-395 8221 or email to



For Riders

1. General

  1. Where can I download TutuCars’s app?
    Please go to Google Play Store / iOS App Store to download <TutuCars> app and register in the app.
  2. I did not receive my verification code.
    It is possible that you are in poor cellular connection area or your phone’s SMS filter is switched on. If issue persist, reach out to us at 018-395 8221.
  3. What documents needed for registration?
    IC (Front & Back) [Optional]
  4. How do change my personal details?
    Click on to Profile icon on the upper left corner – Go to Profile – Submit.
  5. Where do I find promo code?
    You can go to our website for latest promo code or check in-app ‘Promo Code’ column.
  6. How to key in promo code?
    After you key in your pick up & drop off location – Click Promo button – Fill in our promo code – Apply.
  7. I left my personal belongings in the car. What should I do?
    Please describe your items to our customer support at 018-395 8221 via WhatsApp and provide a screenshot of your trip receipt.
  8. Can I order for someone else?
    Yes but please leave rider’s contact number to your TutuMate in “Add a Note” option.
  9. Where can I find my trip receipt after a ride?
    We will email an official receipt to your registered email address immediately
  10. I need to stop at somewhere else before heading to my destination, can I request for multiple stop?
    Yes, just click on the “+” button while key in your location details.

2. Report on Trip Issue

  1. How do I lodge a complaint?
    We appreciate your effort to provide us feedback. You may email your complaint/feedback to us at along with your trip receipt.
    For urgent complaint, please contact our customer support at 018-395 8221.
  2. How do I rate my TutuMate?
    You may rate your TutuMate after completing your trip. Feedback page will pop out after you have completed your ride.
  3. My TutuMate didn’t show up after accepting my request.
    Please contact our customer support at 018-395 8221 and our customer support will attend to your complaint promptly.