Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What us the service fee of Tutucars per trip?
    • The service fee is 20%. For example, if the total fare of the trip is RM10, Tutucars will collect RM2.00 as the service fee.
  2. How does Tutucars pay incentives to drivers?
    • Incentives are paid via direct deposits into your bank accounts together with your weekly earnings.
  3. When will payment enter my bank account?
    • Payment should be paid into your account by Friday 11:59pm every week.
  4. Are tolls included in the fare?
    • Drivers will add-on the tolls-fee at the end of the trip via manual calculation.
  5. My trip is a cash trip. Do I need to come to the office to pay up the service fee back to Tutucars?
    • No, the service fee will be charged through the earnings from your credit card trips. Please keep all cash collected.
  6. How do I update my bank account details?
    • You can update your bank account details by emailing Tutucars Customer Support at
  7. What do I need to prepare if I want to register as Tutucars Partner?
    • You will just need to bring IC, driving license, car insurance cover note and bank account number. No photocopies allowed.
  8. My rider forgotten to rate me after the trip, will it affects my ratings?
    • No, but please politely remind your rider to rate you as your ratings will determine whether or not you qualify for our incentives.
  9. Can I register more than one vehicle?
    • Yes, kindly submit the insurance cover note of the vehicle that you want to add to us as well.
  10. I’m a new driver, and I’m still a “P” license holder. Can I drive for Tutucars?
    • No, you have to be at least 21 years old and with holding any “P” license.
  11. Can the same vehicle be registered to multiple partners?
    • Yes, as long as their names are on the insurance.